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The Onshape Advantage

I have worked with several CAD packages over the years, starting back in the 1990's. The tools have certainly grown more robust and powerfull, but the fundamentals of good design remain. Today Onshape is my go-to CAD solution. This industry-leading coud-native, software-as-service (SaaS) CAD platform integrates outstanding solid-modeling, surface-modeling, drafting, version control, and design collaboration tools.

For me, as a freelance mechanical engineer designing parts and assemblies, Onshape delivers myriad advantages over traditional file-based CAD software, enabling me to innovate more productively and cost-effectively.

But let us focus for a moment upon a unique advantage that Onshape affords you, as a potential customer of my design services. First and foremost, you can open dynamic 3d solid models directly in Onshape, without purchasing or installing any software or even signing up for and account. It works like this. Shortly after starting the design for your product or tool, I will email a link to you. Following that link takes you directly into the same native CAD environment where your design is taking shape. Bookmark it if you like. An hour or a week hence, that same link always takes you to the latest up-to-date design, right from the comfort of your existing web browser.

Expounding upon the axiom that a picture is worth a thousand words, a feature-based parametric solid model is arguably worth at least an order of magnitude more. By way of example here is a design that I created to demonstrate the surface-modeling capabilities of Onshape:

Note the simplified tool bar across the lower portion of your browser screen (rotate / pan / zoom / section-view / measure / mass properties) when you follow that link. You can't edit the design but you can pan, zoom, rotate, measure, and evaluate mass properties. This level of agile online collaboration largely replaces screen shots, pdf's, and email attachments, especially during dynamic phases of the design process.

Signing up for a free or paid Onshape account would bring you a powerful suite of geometry creation/editing and collaboration tools. But my intent is only to illustrate how the engineering tools that I have chosen will enhance my effectiveness and productivity working on your next project. I'm not here to sell you CAD software.

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