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View Native CAD Models

View this native CAD model directly in your web browser. Onshape is cloud-native. There is no software to install. In fact you don't even need to signup. Just follow this link (click on the image below):

Configure this yin-yang key charm with your name and phone number (or anything else you choose to type). Then export the STL file to print yourself!

Gratis. On the house. Printing is on you. The intent here is only to demonstrate CAD capabilities supported in Onshape. User configurable parts extend the power of computer-aided-design to you, without purchasing/installing software or investing years of your life in an engineering degree! How cool is that?

Click on the yin-yang key charm image above to get started. This will link you directly to Onshape. You may notice that there are five tabs in that document (labeled across the bottom of your screen). Focus on the first tab for now, "YinYang". This is the solid model. Take a moment to explore your browser window. Note the view manipulation tools arrayed across the lower portion of your viewing pane (rotate, pan, zoom, etc.). These same actions can be performed directly with your mouse buttons and wheel. Having fun yet? Tools to measure dimensions and mass properties are also provided.

There is also a view manipulator cube in the upper-right portion of the window and immediately below that is an icon for camera and render options.

Pro Tip:      <Shift><7> will revert to the isometric view and <f> will zoom-to-fit. Play with it!

Notice the feature tree along the left hand edge of the view pane. Enter your information into the Name and Tel...ephone number fields at the top of the feature tree. The solid model will reconfigure itself with your information. This is where the magic happens. Imagine creating an online catalog of customer-configurable parts to grow your business.

Would you like to download this customized model to print on your 3d printer? Just right-click on the part and select Export using the STL file format with millimeter units. You can also set the resolution. High resolution improves surface quality at the expense of file size and printing time.

STL, the most common file format for 3d printing, approximates a solid or surface model by tesselating a pattern of triangles over the entire surface. Coarse, medium, and fine resolution STL representations of this part are included on subsequent tabs of this Onshape document to illustrate how approximation quality increases with resolution. Select Shaded without edges from the Camera and rendering options menu for a cleaner view.

Put Me and Onshape to Work for You

We can exploit this powerful functionality on your next project. I'll provide a URL for you to monitor development progress and collaborate in the design process.

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